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Tree Removal Ottawa. Full range of professional tree Services at most affordable prices.

Tree Removal, Tree Stump Removal and full range of professional tree services at most affordable prices.

We promise amazing value for the money.

CKL offers professional tree services in Ottawa including tree removal, pruning, tree cutting and other related tree services. Our services are affordable, fast and safe. If you want amazing value for the money, please contact us to get a free quote.

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Certified Arborist
All our work is carried out by experienced certified arborists.
Workmanship Guarantee
We guarantee our workmanship and promise to work professionally, safely and cleanly.
Well Insured
You are well protected by our extensive insurance coverage in the very rare and remote chance of some accident due to our work. (So far, we have 100% safety record.)

Tree Removal Ottawa

tree removal ottawa

Easily remove dead, unhealthy trees at a very affordable price. Keep your property safe.

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Mature trees are valuable assets. However if a tree in your property has become unhealthy, already dying or become hazardous for any other reason then our tree removal services can help. The professional tree cutters at CKL are experienced in removing trees of all types.

  • Large Tree Removal
  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Fallen Tree Removal
  • Tree felling
  • Lot Clearance / Clearing Trees
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Tree Trunk Removal
  • Oak Tree Removal / Cedar Tree Removal / Pine Tree Removal and more.

If you see dead loose/ falling bark, a dying tree crown or dead hanging branches, then the tree might be in bad health and a potential risk.

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Tree removals within Ottawa city limits might require distinctive tree permit when removing a tree with a diameter of 50 cm or more (measured at 1.2 meters from the ground).

How much is tree removal ? Tree Cutting Prices?

Tree removal prices in Ottawa may start from $200 and go up to $2500 or more depending upon various factors, but our promise is simple – Amazing value for the money!

Tree removal Ottawa costs vary according to type of tree, condition of tree, diameter of the tree and the complexity of the location.

CKL is an affordable tree service with trained tree specialists, well experienced in removal of trees.

Tree removal Ottawa done safely, with none or minimal disturbance to your property.

Our tree service team will work cleanly and leave your property clean after the job is done.

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Tree Cutting Ottawa

tree cutting ottawa

Cut dead branches and improve property appearance. Make your property safe, attractive and more usable.

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Tree cutting services provided by CKL :

  • Cutting tree to remove unhealthy/ dead branches – Keeps your property safe.
  • Cutting a tree to maintain pleasing appearance – Increases your property value.
  • Tree cutting to improve air circulation and hence health of the tree.
  • Cut tree to increase sunlight to your property and the plants below the tree.

Please contact us for tree cutting Ottawa, crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raise and crown reduction.

CKL offers value for money tree cutting service.

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Tree Stump Removal

tree stump removal Ottawa

Remove Unsightly Stumps – Get more usable space and clean looks.

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You will love the additional space and easier lawn maintenance.

Tree Stump Removal benefits include

  • More usable space
  • Better aesthetics.
  • Reduced trip hazard
  • Flat surface makes lawn maintenance easier, especially for your lawn mower.
  • Keep away insects, termites, ants and other pests which get attracted to the stump.

Stump removal cost depends on the depth and hardness of the stump. The cost of stump removal could start from $65 and go beyond $350 for bigger stumps.

Tree stump removal services are provided by an experienced crew who will complete the job quickly and safely.

We will take all the required permissions, before we start the work.

After the stump removal, if you wish, we can place new topsoil and reseed or sod, at additional cost, depending on your requirements.

Our equipment is sized for access to difficult areas.

Remove tree stumps fast and affordably. Improve space and aesthetics.

Tree Pruning Ottawa

tree pruning ottawa

Professional tree pruning keeps your trees healthy, safe and good looking.

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Tree pruning helps

  • Remove dead branches.
  • Remove branches encroaching on nearby structures.
  • Increase air flow and light to plants below the tree.
  • Improve aesthetics.
  • As corrective action to improve tree health.

Keep your trees healthy, safe and good looking. Professional maintenance makes a difference.

Enhance your property by tree pruning done by trained arborist

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